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Mayur Mahajan is a Virtual Design and Construction Specialist in our Kansas City area office. However, his path to the construction industry hasn’t been typical or straightforward. Here is his story and how he found a home at Nabholz.

As a child in India, I was always been fascinated by roads, huge dams, flyovers, bridges, and buildings. Thankfully, my mentor, Bharat Amalkar, encouraged me to cultivate these interests into a career. After completing a degree in civil engineering, Bharat began work in construction. He had just one bicycle and a couple hundred bucks with him when he started, but in a very short amount of time, he founded his own company, which has now built projects such as schools, colleges, hospitals, warehouses, residential apartments, villas, bridges, and more. With strong ethics and values, his company gained a good name in my city (Jalgaon, State – Maharashtra, India) and beyond.
I met him when I was in 9th class and he asked me what I wanted to become in life. I told him I wanted to be a very successful businessman. My ambition and passion surprised him, and he decided to mentor me from then on. He quickly moved beyond only being a mentor, growing into my main inspiration to do more in my life. He is also a renowned social worker and devotes most of his time now to social works. He runs an NGO called “Keshav Smruti Pratishthan,” with the main objective of financially supporting underprivileged people with the eventual goal of self-reliance.
With his guidance, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s in civil engineering. After graduating with this degree, I worked for two years abroad as a design and construction site engineer. As a design engineer, I studied various plans, analyzed them, met clients, and with their feedback, created final plans for concrete high-rise buildings.

This was still too far removed from the actual act of constructing for me, though. So, I took a position as a project engineer on a bridge construction site. This opportunity taught me how to deal with real-world construction problems — this particular bridge was only a few hundred feet away from a huge dam and supplied water to the whole city — my job was to make sure activities on the construction site didn’t affect that supply. I delivered all technical information to construction crews, made daily update reports, generated invoices, distributed cash payments, tracked project progress, performed field activities, and worked to make sure our crew stayed safe.

I enjoyed being on the construction site much more than designing plans, so I made the decision to follow this career path further. I went forward to pursue my master’s degree in construction management at the University of Texas at Arlington.

During my master’s program, I took a Building Information Modeling (BIM) class, where I dove headfirst into the technology used to construct buildings, which was something I discovered in my BIM class. After graduating and working at an engineering firm, I decided to apply for a preconstruction position, as it would give me an opportunity to work in the construction field but gain a much broader understanding of the construction process.

I started at Nabholz’ Rogers office in Arkansas. The highly skilled and specialized team there helped round out my construction knowledge. Nabholz encourages’ employees to continue learning throughout their career, and I found there was no shortage of opportunities to continuously develop myself as a subject matter expert. Even after I finished my training with this team, I attended various classes, presentations, workshops, and conferences at Nabholz and with peer groups.

I took on the full responsibility of a virtual design and construction (VDC) specialist when I transitioned into my position at Nabholz’ Kansas office. Kansas City is a fast-growing market and I’m able to support our team on projects ranging in size, scope, and end purpose.

Being the VDC specialist, I do BIM coordination, a process that resolves clashes within a 3-D BIM model. For example, I can input the plumbing, electrical, HVAC and structural plans and make sure there’s not a duct running through a plumbing line. This BIM attachment saves a tremendous amount of time and money wasted on rework.

Along with BIM coordination, I create 4-D schedule visualizations, assist preconstruction activities in takeoffs, create 3-D models from laser-scanned point clouds and create mapping using drones. I also use virtual and augmented reality platforms, create 3-D walkthroughs/animations to assist our marking teams and provide overall BIM 360 support. People commonly know me as a “BIM guy”.

Every time someone needs help with BIM related issues and I resolve them, I feel great. –. I feel valued for what I do here, especially when I help another employee. The culture here at Nabholz feels like a family, and I am happy to be a part of the Nabholz family.

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