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Nabholz has built a reputation as a quality construction firm. For many other contractors, that would be enough. However, at Nabholz, we want to meet as many of our clients’ needs as we can while still retaining an unwavering standard of quality. With this goal in mind, Nabholz established a new operation – Fleet Equipment and Services.

What We Do

Located in Central Arkansas (with plans to expand to other locations), Fleet Equipment and Services repairs, installs, and services equipment utilized by garages and other repair facilities. In turn, these facilities use this equipment to service and repair automobiles, trucks, and heavy duty equipment such as buses, tractors, and military fleet equipment. Whether it’s an auto lift not lowering smoothly, an air compressor requiring service, or a lubrication reel leaking or not retracting properly—if it’s in an auto shop, Fleet Equipment and Services can probably service it.

How We Do It

It’s our goal to give our customers a solution to their issue within a 24-hour period. Fleet Equipment and Services’ mission is to ensure that our clients can continue to serve their clients. A piece of broken equipment can prevent a garage from providing timely service, or even prevent them from completing a job. Whatever our customers’ issue is, our goal is to correct it within a 24-hour period and keep our customers fully operational.

These Are Our Customers

With a home base in Central Arkansas, we can provide support to clients in Arkansas and neighboring states. In addition to supporting businesses such as car dealerships, repair garages, city municipalities, military bases, and public utilities repair shops, we work with private users of the same equipment.

These Are Our Partners

We have partnerships with the best manufacturers in the business.
Rotary Lift (automotive lifts)
Hunter Engineering (wheel service)
Graco Lubrication
Champion Air Compressors

Contact Us

Call  1-844-623-5338 or email at

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