Bob Nabholz was an innovative force in the construction industry. He instinctively embraced new ideas on job sites that added value for his clients, his teammates, and his trade partners. He anticipated market opportunities and created diverse business service lines. His innovative carpentry apprenticeship program won recognition from the US Department of Labor. He invested in IBM technology to streamline payroll and estimates. And before OSHA had even established the first construction safety regulations, Bob hired a full-time safety director at Nabholz.

Today, Innovation stands as one of our guiding principles. We are staffed and funded by a Research and Development (R&D) grant program and have internal SWAT teams who research and pilot emerging construction technology. We also have an ongoing series of crowd-sourced challenges that empower every employee to contribute their experience, skills, and ideas to drive continuous improvement.

While technology often leads conversations, we apply the innovation process much more broadly. We celebrate surveyors who use drones to collect jobsite data, but we also recognize lead carpenters who prototype new hand tools. We honor project teams who prefabricate parapet wall sections and plumbing risers. We give kudos to cabinet makers, industrial craftsmen, and equipment operators who implement new solutions that improve safety, quality, and productivity.

Innovation makes us better. Innovation provides opportunities for progress. Innovation is an investment in our future.