Comprehensive infrastructure services for growing communities.

With experience navigating the critical time frames and complexities of public-private partnerships, roadwork improvements, and restructuring projects, Nabholz helps clients maximize the potential of every infrastructure project.

Nabholz provides the following expert infrastructure services:

  • Excavation and site prep
  • Road and highway construction
  • Storm drainage
  • Waste and wastewater management
  • Demolition
  • Erosion control
  • Grading
  • Site concrete
  • Paving
  • Water utilities
  • Sanitary sewer utilities
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Excavation and Site Prep

Dirt is a science, and Nabholz’ excavation managers are our scientists. Commercial excavation lays a solid foundation for, well, the foundation. Excavation prepares a project site for the short-term weight of heavy construction equipment and the long-term weight of a commercial structure, requiring precision at every step.

Road and Highway Construction

Highway, street, and road construction and repair services make up the bulk of Nabholz’ infrastructure work. We provide project management; constructability reviews; street and roadway resurfacing, reconstruction, and repair; highway resurfacing and reconstruction; roadway expansion; and more. From short-term fixes and repairs to long-term improvements and new road construction, Nabholz has the experience to help you successfully ease traffic congestion, enhance safety, and create more efficient transportation routes.

Storm Drainage

Whether it's part of site prep, roadwork, or new development, proper storm drainage sets up projects for long-term success. Nabholz can place channels, ditches, and underground pipes to direct rainwater and snow melt-off to the correct ponds, lakes, or rivers. Moreover, hiring Nabholz’ infrastructure services team ensures that all storm drainage meets local design requirements to control the quantity, quality, and distribution.

Waste and Wastewater Management

Proper waste and wastewater management are key to keeping towns clean and people safe. The Nabholz infrastructure services team has experience constructing facilities, storage, and transportation avenues for trash, recycling, and wastewater. We can also assist with renovation and maintenance of existing structures.