Special Projects

With one call, clients can access a wide range of services to meet any special project need.

Nabholz offers a comprehensive array of on-site building services. We aim to become our clients' go-to construction partner for anything from emergency repairs to total renovations.

Facility Improvements

Nabholz will work with you to identify, prioritize, and expertly perform improvement projects that will increase the performance and longevity of your facility.

Renovations & Specialty Installations

Nabholz has a wealth of experience completing building renovations, tenant finish-outs, demolitions, concrete installation (pits, sidewalks, etc.), and specialty installations. With our diverse range of services, we can set your project up for success.

Emergency Response

Client service is a top priority at Nabholz, no matter what time of the day or night. We provide 24-hour emergency response – 365 days a year – to meet all of your service needs.


Firestopping prevents or slows the spread of a fire. Nabholz can help clients with firestopping planning and implementation during both preconstruction and construction. Our crews can also seal any wall penetrations or joints left behind by other trades. LEARN MORE ›

Small Projects

Really, there is no such thing as a small project for our clients or for us. Though a project may be smaller in scope and have a shorter timeframe, we understand that these “small projects” can multiply our clients’ productivity and profits.

Key Client Sectors

We proudly serve clients in virtually all sectors, public and private. We’re also proud to say that we’ve built an impeccable reputation for our experience and market leadership in many key sectors.