Blytheville Justice Complex

This almost 13,000-square-foot renovation and addition updated an existing building to create a new complex for the Blytheville Police Department and the court system. The project gave the city more space and tools with which to serve their community.

The project scope included:

  • Remodel of 10,194 square feet of a former National Guard Armory building (originally constructed over 50 years ago)
  • Add-on of an additional 2,343 square feet of new space
  • Extensive demolition of existing building, including
    • Removing interior walls
    • Adding openings into the existing exterior walls
    • Saw cutting large amounts of the slab for new plumbing lines
    • Install footings for new structural components and walls
    • Expand the second-floor area and add a mezzanine for the chair lift landing
    • Install of two separate entrances: one for the police department and one for the courts
    • Install of a transaction window at the desk sergeants office at the police entrance
  • Construct all the components needed for a busy police station, including
    • New bathrooms
    • An evidence intake room, armory, and interview rooms
    • Criminal investigation command and support spaces
    • Administration area, offices, break room, conference room, and shift change room
    • Records and booking space
    • Dispatch room with the necessary power, data, and wood blocking in the walls for monitors, its own bathroom space, and a 50kw backup generator for emergency systems
  • Construct all the components for an active court system, including
    • Clerks space with large amounts of built-in millwork, two transaction windows, a separate waiting room, and clerks’ workroom
    • Courtroom waiting room with bathroom facilities
    • Courtroom with large amounts of wood trim
    • Judges’ chambers and attorneys’ offices
    • Fencing
    • I.T. room
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