Dirt is a science, and Nabholz’ excavation managers are our scientists.

Commercial excavation lays a solid foundation for, well, the foundation. It serves to prepare a project site for the short-term weight of heavy construction equipment and the long-term weight of a commercial structure, and this preparation takes precision at every step.

First, Nabholz excavation crews will clear the site of existing sites, rocks, and trees, taking care to preserve natural elements accommodated in the project design.

Next, depending on the site and future building it will accommodate, crews will remove topsoil, dig foundation holes, or prepare for roads and bridges.

Then — working with architects and engineers — Nabholz excavation crews will determine if more material needs to be removed, or a different material, such as a different type of fill or soil, needs to be added and compacted. With precision and planning, crews stabilize the site based on the measurements of the future structure.

During this process, crews add in drainage, remove any contaminated soil, and prepare trenching and site utility placement, such as water and sewage connections.

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