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November 21st, 2018 - By

Last week, our Kansas team moved into a brand new office. This was a long time coming. Midwest President Jon Pahl penned his thoughts on the move and new office. 

We just moved into our new office in Kansas City, which we constructed from the ground up. And, man, does it feel good to be home. Of course, it seems we were the most demanding owner we’ve ever worked for, but the results speak for themselves. Our new home is a beautiful facility that provides us with intentional collaboration spaces, tech-heavy meeting rooms, multipurpose training space, a dedicated wellness room, and a shop finally worthy of our highly skilled craftsmen. This new building opens a new chapter in our history, and it makes me excited for a number of very important reasons.

Kansas Nabholz New Office Front Desk

First, it’s a testament to our positive and healthy growth. A new office was necessary because of the increased volume we’ve experienced in recent years. We’ve been blessed with good projects and as a result, we’ve hired good people. Lots of them. With this new building, we can provide adequate and exciting space for our people to engage in their work, develop their skills, and grow relationships with their teammates.

Second, it’s our stake in the ground. Literally. Purchasing property that provides acres for future expansion and investing in a building that more than doubled our former footprint proves our dedication to Kansas City and the entire Midwest region. We’ve established relationships in Kansas and Missouri that give us confidence in our future and we fill a unique role in the area as a fresh alternative in the Kansas City construction market with a proven and stable history. Our building is a reminder that we’re here for the long haul.

Kansas Nabholz New Office collaborative space Most importantly, this new building is a daily reminder of how good our skilled craftsmen really are. Nabholz electricians, carpenters, welders, laborers, millwrights, and operators approached this project with the same focus and professional pride they bring to every project. Their craft is their calling, and the tangible results of a hard day’s work provide a deep source of joy and satisfaction.

The exacting fingerprints of Nabholz craftsmen are all over this building: the accent wall Denny carefully clad with reclaimed barn wood; the cast concrete reception desk Nathan meticulously formed and rubbed; the steel wall panels oxidized with Denny’s specific patina until they looked just right. I could go on. Our industrial millwrights cut the logo sign with a water-jet precision cutter, designed and built the stainless steel trench drains in our showers, and crafted our stainless steel sinks complete with engraved Nabholz shields. Chance welded the high top table and toilet partitions rather than buy standard products off the shelf. Corey and his electrical crews installed every conduit, pulled every cable, and hung every fixture knowing the open ceiling design would expose their work for all to see. And Scott and his crew of operators built up the engineered pad that supports our very foundation.

This new office just reinforces what we’ve long known: our success at Nabholz has long relied on the loyalty, skills, and work ethic of good people and we as a company should care, develop, and reward these good people with challenging and satisfying work. I’m so excited to come to this building every day. It’s a result of our growth, a nod to our future, a showcase of our craft. I’m humbled to lock arms with Nabholz craftsmen who respect the pride and tradition of their time-honored profession—a profession that makes possible our organization’s greater purpose: growing our people, serving our clients, building our communities…it’s the Nabholz way. The Nabholz way is one of integrity, of commitment, and of professional pride. So much so that Denny signed his name on his work product—his own personal seal of approval that will last a lifetime on HIS building.

Kansas Nabholz New Office Denny's Signature

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