Industrial Services Moves to Tulsa

June 17th, 2016 - By

Nabholz Industrial Services is expanding its footprint by setting up shop in Tulsa. Nabholz is a leading provider of machinery installation, rigging, millwright, and maintenance support services that specializes in turn-key machinery installations and relocation projects of all sizes.

Lanny Crafton, Business Development Officer, explained the motivation behind the move. “In 2012, we elected to open our Memphis operations. With Memphis up and running well, it was time for our next venture. Tulsa and the surrounding area is home to a large and diverse group of heavy manufacturers. And while there is competition, none provide the comprehensive services for which Industrial Services is known, specifically our ability to provide one-source-responsibility for turn-key machinery moving and installation, including all necessary rigging, millwright, electrical, mechanical piping, welding, fabrication, foundations, transportation, etc.”

Industrial Services joins the Nabholz construction team that has been serving the area for 25 years. Crafton is excited for the opportunity to partner with other Nabholz operations. “As with all our other locations, teaming up with the specialty and construction services groups brings an added dimension of service and convenience to our industrial customers that no other contractor can match. We believe that our comprehensive range of abilities and services will distinguish Nabholz as a highly desirable partner for complicated and difficult industrial projects.”

Industrial Services has hired two local craftsmen and has plans to hire two to three more people to build the initial start-up crew. The company has additionally established its presence in Tulsa by opening an office at 19501 E 6th Street. Having already worked for companies in the area, Industrial Services is confident that they will find more manufacturers, many accustomed to managing multiple contractors to complete a single project, ready for their turn-key services. Call Lanny Crafton at (501)217-5552 or email him at for more information.

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