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June 17th, 2016 - By

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When a storm hits, people rely on emergency workers and first responders to be on the scene. But how do you keep those vital to the recovery effort safe from the storm? Emergency Management Deputy Director K.C. Williams faced that exact dilemma. Williams works in the small town of Vilonia, AR, which was hit by devastating tornadoes in both 2011 and 2014. In the wake of those storms, emergency responders quickly performed work to rescue trapped citizens, transport injured people to medical providers, and start the long rebuilding process. To ensure the safety of these workers in the event of another tornado, Williams had to find the most effective option the city’s budget could provide.

With customers like the Vilonia Emergency Management Department in mind, Hugg & Hall and Nabholz have teamed up to provide affordable, commercial storm shelter for clients who do not have the option of building a large, traditional safe room. Hugg & Hall Equipment Company created STORMBOX®, a new way to deliver safe shelter for various-sized groups of people that is quick to install, cost effective, and customizable. The average cost for a unit is a fraction of what a traditional storm shelter costs. STORMBOX® starts with a refabricated mobile storage unit, reinforced with materials robust enough to withstand high winds and tornadic weather. Nabholz installs and anchors the shelter and adds electricity. All STORMBOX® shelters have been impact-tested and are approved by the National Storm Shelter Association.

STORMBOX® is designed for quick and easy installation. While the shelter is being fabricated, Nabholz teams will strip the soil and lay a thick concrete foundation. The structure will arrive by truck, be positioned on the foundation by crane, and then securely anchored on site for maximum protection. Nabholz will then run electricity to the shelter.

Depending on a client’s needs, multiple units can be put at various access points on campuses or in neighborhoods, or stacked side-by-side. It’s also possible for these shelters to be integrated into building plans for larger structures or installed inside existing buildings. The exterior paint color is customizable.

The emergency management team in Vilonia unveiled their new STORMBOX® on April 27th, 2016. Its dedication marks the anniversary of the devastating 2014 tornado. They hope to serve as a model for other towns and cities working towards emergency preparedness.

STORMBOX® comes in various sizes and prices to fit clients’ varying needs. Nabholz or Hugg & Hall experts can help you determine which STORMBOX® model, or combination of models, would be the best fit for your situation. Call 1-844-466-1267 or visit for more information.

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