Jake Nabholz (right) and Charles Nabholz (middle) on a construction jobsite.
Jake Nabholz (right) and Charles Nabholz (middle) visit a construction jobsite.

Nabholz’ 75th Anniversary was recently featured in Arkansas Money & Politics, the state’s only Forbes-like business magazine. Published monthly, the magazine features articles on health care, agriculture, energy, sports, entrepreneurship/innovation, finance, technology, and politics.

This year marks a huge milestone for Nabholz, and we’re taking the time to reflect while also reinforcing key values in our organization. What began as a small, family-owned construction company has grown into a large, multi-discipline, employee- and family-owned firm. We’re proud to say that, throughout the years, one thing has never changed: Integrity. The Nabholz name has been synonymous with integrity since Bob Nabholz founded the business 75 years ago in 1949.

We are committed to maintaining our integrity as we consistently look forward to the future by growing our people, serving our clients, and building our communities. These concepts are more than words on a page; they are the truths this company lives by — truths that have been proven time and again over our 75 years in operation.

Check out this snippet from the Arkansas Money & Politics story:

“Every time you have a milestone like this, everybody wants to celebrate the history,” Jake Nabholz said. “We’re doing that, but I think what we’re doing differently with our 75th anniversary is we’re honoring what Grandpa did and his forward-thinking attitude and how we’re still doing the same thing now, having that mentality that the decisions and the investments that we make today have got to set us up for the next 75 years. This anniversary is a good chance for us to reinforce that.”

Many thanks to Dwain Hebda and Arkansas Money & Politics for this amazing feature.

Read the full article here.

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