Nabholz Construction Services has recently received international recognition twice for their Corporate Wellness Program.  Nabholz was honored as the first place winner of The Healthy Workplace Award, as well as being showcased in a televised HBO Special.

The Healthy Workplace Award was given June 26 2012 at the 2012 Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Every Building Conference and Expo in Seattle, Washington.

The Healthy Workplace Project is a multi-faceted program designed by Kimberly-Clark Professional to help companies provide their employees with a healthier and more productive office environment.  The program provides educational materials, in conjunction with hand and surface hygiene products to employees, arming them with the tools and knowledge necessary to create healthier living.

Judges for the award were four independent experts in various fields of workplace health.  Nabholz Construction was selected based upon their well-managed approach to overall employee health, including comprehensive wellness and education programs for employees and families, financial incentives used to reward healthy behaviors, regularly disinfecting highly touched surfaces, and their system of reminders to encourage improved health and hygiene.  As the first place winner, the company will receive $10,000.

Jayme Mayo, PA-C/Wellness Director for Nabholz Construction Services said “We are honored and excited to receive this award especially with such esteemed competitors.   Our goal is to distribute the winnings throughout the company so everyone is able to enjoy the prize. “

The Kimberly-Clark Professional award recognizes and rewards companies that have made a comprehensive commitment to wellness initiatives. It supports the efforts of The Healthy Workplace Project, a Kimberly-Clark Professional program with an innovative approach to getting employees actively involved in wellness and health.

Nabholz’ innovative approach to health and wellness was also recently showcased in the HBO Documentary, The Weight of The Nation, which discussed America’s obesity epidemic and how individuals, worksites, and communities are making positive changes.  Nabholz Construction was spotlighted in the final hour of the four hour documentary showcasing their corporate wellness program and their efforts to combat obesity and other preventable health problems.  An additional segment titled, Overweight in the Workplace: How Wellness Programs Can Help the American Workforce, focused exclusively on Nabholz Construction.

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