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Sustainable Jobsite Trailer Unveiled

December 17th, 2013 - By

On Friday, December 13th, we unveiled our very first sustainable jobsite trailer, an environmentally-friendly version of the mobile office units typically used on construction sites. The new sustainable trailer was itself recycled–our team started with an old, out-of-commission trailer and used their awesome design and construction skills to turn it into a shiny new jobsite trailer with lots of green features that enhance its operating efficiency and minimize its impact on the environment.

A testament to Nabholz’ strong commitment to sustainability, the sustainable trailer was made possible by the dedication and hard work of our many green professionals and by a Nabholz Research & Development Grant, sponsored and awarded by the Nabholz Executive Committee. The trailer showcases our team’s range of expertise—from the carpentry of Nabholz Construction Services and the electrical & mechanical work of Client Services, to the metal work of Nabholz Industrial Services and the custom millwork created in our own mill shop.

Features of the new sustainable jobsite trailer include:

  • OSB wall sheathing wrapped in Tyvek® to increase the R-value and decrease vapor transmissions.
  • Blue-jean insulation, made from recycled blue jeans and a low-VOC additive for adhesion and smoke/fire resistance. In addition to being a recycled product, blue-jean insulation is denser, allowing for less air flow, and it has a greater smoke rating than fiberglass.
  • An extra layer of insulation and polystyrene board added under the trailer to increase the R-value.
  • A white membrane roof applied over the existing roof to reflect sunlight and increase the overall R-value.
  • Pella® ENERGY STAR® Low-E insulated windows.
  • ENERGY STAR insulated doors.
  • Exterior wall panels made from 50-65% post-consumer recycled material.
  • Zero-VOC paint.
  • LED lighting, which reduces energy consumption by lighting by about 70%.
  • 8 solar panels, capable of producing a total of 2,000 Watts per hour and feeding power back into the grid when production exceeds consumption.
  • A ductless 12-SEER PTAC system with heat pumps, is efficient and promotes better indoor air quality.
  • A gutter system to capture rain water, which can then be used to water planters at each end of the trailer.

A very special thank you goes out to all of the Nabholz Craftsman for their dedication to making the sustainable trailer a reality and bettering our living & working environments.

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