Machinery Moving, Installation, and Maintenance

Machinery Installation & Relocation

Nabholz has successfully completed countless turnkey machinery installation and relocation projects for clients in various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, printing, transportation, and healthcare, to name a few. We move and install a wide range of equipment types, such as:   

  • Metal forming, milling and machining 
  • Plastics manufacturing (injection molding and blow molding)
  • Medical equipment (MRI, Gamma Knife, and CT scanners) 
  • Railroad equipment (locomotive lifts, pneumatic sand systems, and wheel truing equipment) 
  • Paper converting (corrugators, bag equipment, and box folding) 
  • Printing equipment 
  • Food (FDA, food packaging, baking ovens, and fryers) 
  • Packaging (corrugated boxes, blown film, molded plastics, and extruded film) 
  • Heavy presses (stamping, draw pressing, shearing, and cut-to-length) 
  • Heat treat furnaces and ovens (annealing, hardening, and casting) 
  • Paint systems (powder paint, wet paint, electrostatic, washers, and shot blasting) 
  • Material handling (conveyors, hoists, and lifts) 
  • Bridge cranes (double girder, single girder, under hung, and top running) 
  • Metal die cast and extrusion (aluminum, steel, and copper) 
  • Cooling towers and chillers 
  • Storage silos (grain and raw material) 
  • …and more