Nabholz Single-Axle Drop Table

The Nabholz team has decades of experience and knowledge designing, fabricating, installing, and servicing drop table systems. Now, we’re designing and manufacturing our own drop table equipment under the Nabholz name, with a few key client-focused goals in mind:

  • Facilitate equipment maintenance and service
  • Improve equipment reliability and longevity
  • Provide safe and intuitive equipment operation
  • Simplify the installation and equipment start up process

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Safety-first design keeps workers safe during change out of locomotive wheelsets and traction motor assemblies.


Rugged design and manufacturing ensure each Nabholz drop table can withstand even the harshest rail shop environments.


A perfectly balanced combination of the latest technology and time tested design features optimizes operation and safety.


Modular design simplifies the installation process and minimizes downtime during equipment maintenance.


Productivity-boosting features include raised rail sections on the service top for easy access.


Customizable layout and capacity mean each machine is manufactured to meet your unique needs.