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Firestopping prevents or slows the spread of a fire. Nabholz helps clients with firestopping in two ways.

First, during the preconstruction process, we use our construction know-how to determine the most efficient UL rated firestopping system that is required to meet the designer’s specifications.

Second, our skilled craftworkers arm the building with compartmentalization or passive protection by sealing joints and penetrations in walls and floors, which delay or prevents fire from spreading. Nabholz crews meticulously comb through a building, sealing any wall penetrations or joints left behind by other trades with caulk, wool, or spray materials.

With 30+ Nabholz team members certified through the Hilti Firestop Specialty Contractor Program, you can trust us to perform quality work that meets all current standards and codes and provides you with peace of mind.

Nabholz can help you with firestopping at any stage of your facility’s lifecycle, including:

  • Implementing firestop measures for new construction projects>
  • Bringing previous construction up to code
  • Providing maintenance on firestop areas


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