Brad Guthrie

Project Manager - Industrial

With Nabholz Since:
Education & Certifications:
Bachelors of Industrial Engineering from the UA Fayetteville
Grew up outside of Little Rock in what was then “the country”
I have a 68 Mustang convertible, and a new-to-me Correct Craft Air Nautique boat, and really enjoying making things work that don’t work (flea market scores, or “junk” equipment that can be repaired)
Favorite Project:
We were chosen to build a Veteran’s Monument in the Rogers City Cemetery. I got to be on the collaboration team for design, specifications, and oversaw the fabrication in our shop here. Quite moving to know that our project will have a very long-term impact in the community. Another really fun project with Rogers was the relocation of the historic downtown Rogers train caboose. We figured it out, our riggers did an amazing job of “getting right the first time”, and then watched it fly overhead to an awaiting truck. And then unload it, and do it all again!
Favorite Nabholz tradition:
The informational meet-and-greets (with food, of course)
Favorite activity outside of work:
Working on the car (or boat), going to the lake, enjoying time with friends and family.
A community cause that is important to you:
Understanding how to better manage both municipal and corporate solid wastes.
What advice has helped you most in your career?
1. Watch the details
2. Be flexible
3. Always do the right thing
4. Honor your customer
Luckily and thankfully, Nabholz supports all of these!