Ray Cardiel

Regional Safety Director

With Nabholz Since:
Best thing about working in the industry:
Enjoy being a part of building our communities and growing our employees for their families.
(Mexico) City of Acambaro, Guanajuato
As a child I wanted to become:
As a child I wanted to be a coach or fireman.
Traveling, reading, gym
Favorite Project:
Scott Family Amazeum
Favorite Nabholz tradition:
Hard to pick but I really enjoyed the Nabholz Discovery class and learning all about our founder Bob Nabholz and his core values he set.
Favorite activity outside of work:
Camping, sports, spending time with family
A community cause that is important to you:
Youth development
What advice has helped you most in your career?
“If you’re not making a mistake you’re not trying hard enough”