Check out this cool video the folks at El Dorado Festival and Events Inc. put out about the exciting things happening in their town. Around 1:35, they even give Nabholz  shout out. We’re currently working on The Griffin, a project focused on revitalizing the Griffin Auto Building , currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and transforming it into the crown jewel of the new Arts and Entertainment District in downtown El Dorado. When finished, the interior of the building will feature an indoor music venue with the potential to house 1,800 t0 2,000 patrons and a restaurant and cabaret that will seat up to 300 patrons. To the left of the building will be a new outdoor amphitheater with the ability to host 6,000 to 7,000 visitors.

The Nabholz project team consists of Senior Project Manager Mark Solberg, Project Manager Lance Wright, General Superintendent Tracy Chambers, Superintendent Robert Rappold, Project Engineer Daniel Quintero, Project Engineer James Luyet, Preconstruction Specialist Jamie Booe, Project Manager Assistant Bonnie Rhoades, and Project Manager Assistant Patty Wellinghoff.

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