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Firestopping Accreditation Saves Lives and Money.

February 6th, 2012 - By


Nabholz Construction Services has upped its game again as a one stop-shop for peace-of-mind firestop construction services.
Russell Gilliam, part of the Oklahoma City Nabholz Construction Service Group has joined an elite set of construction professionals in Oklahoma. Russell is now a Hilti Accredited Firestop Specialty Contractor (HAFSC); one of only three in the state.

To achieve accreditation, Russell drew on his extensive product and industry knowledge while undergoing a rigorous training process and actively demonstrating his firestop expertise.

Hospitals, educational institutions and municipalities demand the best in passive fire protection systems to ensure safety and reduce liability from fire related damages. Accreditation certifies that Nabholz Construction Services will provide professional firestop services at an affordable price to these and other entities.

Founded in 1949, Nabholz is one of the nation’s leading general contractors and construction managers. The company is employee-owned, licensed in 43 states and has offices in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas.  For more information visit

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