Conway, ARKANSAS (December 11, 2008) – Nabholz Construction announced a new Blackout Blitz program designed to highlight safety efforts and raise awareness of the more than 1,000 construction site fatalities that occur each year throughout the industry in the United States. Now through January 9th, all employees will wear a black armband with a high-visibility reflector to help keep safety on everyone’s mind – as well as their sleeve.

“Safety is always a top priority for us,” said Joey Ryan, Ozark Division Safety Director, “but we wanted to go a step further and really get our team members thinking about and talking about workplace safety.”

The black band is worn in memory of those in our industry who’ve lost their lives while working on a construction site, while the reflector reminds employees to be vigilant about safety at all times. In addition, Nabholz’s internal Safety Practices Round Table will distribute safety reports and discussion topics to employees three times a week during the month-long awareness event.

As Ryan points out, Nabholz employs approximately 1,000 individuals – roughly the same number as fatalities that occur on construction sites each year.

“When everyone around you is wearing a black armband, and you know that each one represents at least one fatality in the past year, it really makes you stop and consider jobsite safety,” Ryan said. “I think the program will help show our employees, sub-contractors and customers how important safety is to this company.”

Nabholz was founded in 1949 and has grown into a multi-service leader in the construction industry throughout the United States. The company has offices throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Nabholz maintains a “zero incident” safety goal and has received recognition for past safety initiatives.

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