Little Rock, ARKANSAS (March 4, 2009) – This year marks the 60th anniversary of Nabholz, and the company recently hosted a cocktail reception at the Clinton Presidential Center to celebrate. More than 200 employees, clients, company friends and past and current state legislators attended the event Tuesday evening.

“We were honored to share this important milestone with our friends and colleagues,” Charles Nabholz, Chairman of the Board said. “We’ve always said that any progress we make, any goals we achieve, are the result of a team effort. It has been very rewarding to look back at sixty years of excellence and teamwork, and to celebrate with so many of the people who helped make it possible.”

CEO Bill Hannah welcomed guests to the reception and Charles Nabholz, spoke briefly. Guests also enjoyed a presentation of the company’s history, showing how Nabholz evolved from simple beginnings into the multi-service, nationally recognized construction leader it is today. It all started in 1949 when founder Bob Nabholz built a house for his bride, Barbara, then sold the house and used the proceeds to build another. From that single home sale Nabholz Construction Corporation was born.

Sixty years later, Nabholz has grown into a regional contractor with over 880 employees in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas, offering services such as equipment rental, commercial remodeling, emergency services, industrial equipment installation, general contracting, construction management and more. Prominent Central Arkansas projects include the Hendrix Wellness and Athletic Center, Acxiom River Market, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, UAMS College of Public Health, University of Central Arkansas Student Health Center, St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center and Conway Regional Women’s Center.

In addition to the company’s many professional services, Nabholz has a long history of philanthropic support and community initiatives. Both the Nabholz company and the Nabholz Charitable Foundation actively contribute to numerous charitable events, non-profit organizations and institutions. The company is also committed to going green responsibly in the office and on the job site, and actively pursues sustainability training and certification for employees.

“Nabholz has grown and changed so much in the past sixty years,” Bill Hannah said, “but we are still 100% committed to the company’s original core values – people, integrity, teamwork, fun and service. That’s the secret behind our success over the past sixty years, and we’re confident that those core values will continue to serve us well in the future.”

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