75 Years of Looking Forward

January 15th, 2024 - By

2024 is a big year for Nabholz.

In 1949, my grandfather, Bob Nabholz embarked on a journey to build a house for himself and his bride, setting in motion the start of a construction legacy that has thrived for 75 years. Today, as we celebrate this remarkable milestone, we reflect on the vision that propelled us forward. We’re celebrating this incredible milestone all year, and what better way to kick things off than with a look back at the man and vision that drove us forward through the years.

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(clockwise from left) David, Jake, Bob, Nick, and Matt Nabholz

Companies tend to adopt the personality and values of their founders, and Nabholz is no exception. My grandfather was a wonderful man — fun, honest, hardworking, and deeply committed to his community and the people who worked at Nabholz. While so much has changed over the past 75 years, his vision and values have always been our foundation, and I’m proud to see them reflected in who we are today.

All these years later, these values — working with integrity, elevating our people, building communities, and serving clients, among others — are as important as ever. They’ve been the driving force behind our success, and they will continue to guide us moving forward.

“Construction is a people business, and the contractors with the best people always survive.” –Bob Nabholz

He used to say, “Construction is a people business, and the contractors with the best people always survive.” He knew that the people in the company mattered — watching the early employees of Nabholz, those who didn’t share our last name but still poured sweat and blood into launching the company, made him realize that without quality people, we’d be nothing. People build. And good people build with quality, build safely, build relationships, build trust, build integrity, and build for a lifetime. They build on the success of the past and then hand the reins over to more good people to build the success of the future.

He recognized the value of our craft professionals and their talents. A big believer in leading by example, he dedicated himself to elevating construction to a respected profession, correcting misconceptions about construction workers by showcasing their professionalism and skill.

He always promoted construction as an ancient and honorable profession, never as a last resort. And rightfully so — the highly skilled work our team does is truly amazing, and it deserves to be respected and admired.

That’s why he worked so hard to grow the talents of our people by recruiting the best in all fields. His introduction of the Nabholz Carpentry Apprenticeship Program in 1973 led to the creation of Nabholz University, which in turn lead to the many training programs we offer today.

As we celebrate our 75th year, we honor the legacy of those who got us here. Our success isn’t just about what we build, but about the exceptional people who make it happen. We continue to grow, innovate, and serve our clients with dedication because “good enough” will never be good enough for us.

We often wonder what my grandfather would think about his company today. I like to think he would be amazed at what we have grown into and proud of all the talented people who work here. I know I am.

– Jake

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