New "Toys" = More Ways to Serve You

June 9th, 2015 - By

We can’t help it. We get downright giddy when a new piece of equipment comes in and we get to play work with something shiny and new. More importantly, we love being able to use these awesome new tools to serve our clients better. We call that a win/win!

Now, when we say toys, we mean BIG toys—like two cranes and a machine that cuts steel with water! (Yep, you read that right.) Check out the latest big additions to our ever-increasing equipment inventory:

National Crane 40-Ton Boom Truck (Cranes & Equipment, Central Arkansas)

National Crane 40-Ton Boom Truck

Features: 142 ft powered boom, 197-foot total reach

How it benefits our clients:  Previously, when a job called for such a long reach, we had to use an 80-ton capacity crane, which has a higher rental fee, whether the higher payload capacity was needed or not. Now, clients who need the long reach for lighter loads can instead rent this 40-ton crane for half the cost of renting an 80-ton crane.

The bottom line:  We can now offer a crane that allows longer reach on lighter loads at half the cost.


Terex 80-Ton Telescopic Truck Crane (Cranes & Equipment, Northwest Arkansas)

Terex 80-Ton Truck Crane

Features: 126 ft powered boom, 182-foot total reach

How it benefits our clients:  This 80-ton capacity crane rounds out our fleet in Northwest Arkansas, filling the gap between our 60-ton and 110-ton cranes. Now, clients who need 60-80 tons in payload capacity no longer have to pay the higher rental fee of the 110-ton crane. Plus, we now have two cranes that can perform 60-ton work simultaneously, and extended reach in that category.

The bottom line:  Our fleet is now larger and more diverse, giving clients more choices and better value.


Omax Maxiem JetMachining Center (Industrial Services, Northwest Arkansas)

Omax Maxiem JetMachining Center

Features: uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut metal, glass, plastic, and stone; ability to cut steel from 28-gauge up to 3 inches thick, as well as other materials up to 3 inches thick.

How it benefits our clients:  This new machine increases the types of products our Industrial Services team can fabricate. For example, we can now cut out any logo for our clients’ marketing or signage needs. Being computer controlled, it is extremely precise—it’s accuracy is within three one-thousandths of an inch! It also speeds up production in a number of ways. For one, it’s a “set it and forget it” kind of machine that keeps working while our craftsmen work on other tasks. Plus, with just one set-up, it can fabricate up to 20 identical base plates from one sheet of metal.

The bottom line:  We can now deliver more products with increased quality and faster turnaround times for our clients.

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