Smart Fleet Management

May 22nd, 2014 - By

If your company utilizes a fleet of vehicles to serve clients, then you probably know how complex fleet management can be. At Nabholz, it’s crucial that our team respond quickly and efficiently when we receive a service call, especially in emergency situations. With multiple trucks serving multiple clients across a large region, getting the right truck with the right team and tools to the right location at the right time is pretty complicated. Or at least, it used to be.

Now, with the help of a fleet tracking system called Fleetmatics, dispatching service trucks is simpler than ever. Trucks are equipped with a tracking device that sends and receives important information, including location, routes, schedules, travel reports, and even vehicle maintenance logs. When a truck is scheduled for multiple service calls in a day, we simply enter the locations into the system and it automatically plans the most efficient schedule and route. In emergency situations, we’re able to identify which of our trucks is closest to the location so that our team can respond without delay.

In addition to getting where we need to be faster and serving more clients in less time, we’re also saving a boatload on fuel thanks to Fleetmatics. In our first year using the system, fleet fuel costs decreased by 25%. That means lower bills for our clients and less impact on our environment.

Fleetmatics also provides an extra level of transparency when it comes to billing. Many of our service jobs are billed on a time-and-materials basis, so clients like to know that our time and their money are being spent as effectively as possible. Any time a client wants to see exactly how time was charged for a job, we can quickly pull travel reports and compare them with timesheets and any other relevant documentation to paint a clear picture of what was done, when it was done, and how much it cost.

We know that time and money are important to you and your clients. That’s why Nabholz is constantly exploring the latest tools and technology, like Fleetmatics, to enhance the services we provide and hopefully help you serve your own clients better by sharing our experiences.

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