Benefits & Wellness

We live our values

Growing our people is about more than providing great career opportunities; it’s also about doing everything we can to improve the quality of life for our employees and their families. We offer a long list of benefits — including free individual health insurance — to all employees.

One unique benefit is our Nabholz Health & Wellness Program, which provides multiple primary care options, awareness, and resources to encourage healthier lifestyles for employees and their families.

Free Health Insurance

Free comprehensive health insurance for all employees, with optional HSA and FSA

Paid Vacation & Holidays

A minimum of 7 paid holidays and 5 paid vacation days per year, based on years of service

401(k) Retirement Contribution

401(k) contribution and matching program to help you save for retirement

Training & Career Development

In-house training and development programs to build your future

Free Dental Insurance

Free dental insurance for all employees, with the option to purchase family coverage

Vision Insurance

Affordable, comprehensive vision insurance for you and your family

Free Life Insurance

Free $50,000 group life insurance policy with option to purchase more

Paid Parental Leave

Up to 6 weeks of paid parental leave to care for a newborn or adoptive child

Health & Wellness

Award-winning wellness program to optimize your health & wellbeing


Our Nabholz Health & Wellness Program provides a comprehensive assessment of healthcare needs among our employees and spouses. We focus our attention on the importance of yearly health maintenance exams and preventive exams with their primary care provider by offering multiple, monthly gift card drawings to those who participate. Our program follows up on healthcare needs to ensure the best practices are in place for a healthier lifestyle.

Our First Step Program provides an annual reimbursement allowance for all employees and spouses to help pay for things like gym memberships, running/walking shoes, work boots, wearable fitness trackers, tobacco cessation aids, and home gym equipment.

We have a consulting Physician and a full-time Physician Assistant on site in our Conway office, as well as a partnership with Premise Health Clinics to serve our other locations — with no deductible and greatly reduced waiting times.