Youth Apprentice Program

About the program

Nabholz recognizes that the United States is in a competitive labor market. We also recognize that many young people
are considering trades as a profession. We consider gaining skills and knowledge in construction to be a noble and commendable pursuit, which is why we’re working to bring awareness to the satisfying option of a career in construction to young people. We also want to propel young people in their career pursuits.

The Youth Apprentice Program is a flexible scheduled program created in partnership with the local school district. The program allows for young people 16-18 years of age to work directly for Nabholz in a learning capacity. Our hope is that after some time as a learner in the workforce, the apprentice can then enter Nabholz, at 18, as a more skilled and educated employee.


Safety is a primary core value. We expect our employees to follow all of our safety measures and look out for the safety of their fellow workers.

Workers must never engage in any work or even step on the job site without wearing the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The required PPE provided by Nabholz includes hardhats, safety glasses, high visibility vest, and gloves. Proper footwear is required, and in most cases, the student apprentice will be responsible for providing his or her own footwear. Certain tasks will require additional PPE.

Work Hours
Work hours can be flexible during the school year. The typical structure for a Nabholz youth apprentice is
  • Attend school until officially released through the JAG (or similar) program, usually after 11 am.
  • If you attend school on an off-day schedule (meaning you attend M/W/F of T/Th), you can work on your off days.
  • During the summer, you work full time.
Buddy System

Youth apprentices will wear yellow hard hats so other workers can easily identify and keep an eye out for new workers. New hires will work alongside an experienced Nabholz employee who will help set a good example for and encourage a safety mindset and safe work habits.

Nabholz is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy work place. Every person on a Nabholz project is responsible for safety and all have the AUTHORITY & OBLIGATION to stop any unsafe work practice or to point out any unsafe condition. No person will be discouraged or reprimanded for using their Stop Work Authority when done in good faith. Please contact us anytime you need our support.

Youth Apprentice Daniel Bejarano at the Springdale High School Apprenticeship Signing Day. Daniel, who worked as a youth apprentice with our industrial team for a year, joined the Nabholz team full time after he graduated in May 2021.

Job Duties
Youth Apprentices will learn the different skills of carpentry by working alongside other skilled craftsmen under the supervision of a mentor. Youth apprentices will be responsible for managing and communicating their attendance to their mentor. They will possibly perform the following duties:
  • Laborer
  • Assisting in layout
  • Using hand tools
  • Building forms
  • Installing doors and hardware
  • Rough and finish carpentry
  • Parking accessories
  • Bollards
  • Joint sealants
  • Firestopping
  • Placing/finishing concrete
  • Installing rebar
  • Cabling
  • Plumbing (helper)
  • Electrical (helper)
  • Water proofing
  • Painting
  • Insulation
  • Installation of accessories
  • Installation of blocking
  • Safety support
  • Quality support
Youth apprentices will NOT be allowed to do any of the following:
  • NO using powered saws
  • NO driving powered industrial trucks (PIT).
  • NO driving machinery
  • NO hoisting machines
  • NO metal forming machines
  • NO excavation related work
  • NO roofing related work
  • NO use of any power tools (except during 5 week skill training class)
  • NO operating over head

Must be in good standing with school. Must have completed the OSHA 10 certification. Nabholz will need a copy of the OSHA 10 certificate. Must be enrolled as a student.

How To Apply

Students can apply on our website — click here for current openings — just like with any other job. However, we highly encourage students to work with their vo-ag teacher or contact Nabholz’ Director of Workforce Development, Sheila Burroughs, to work out scheduling and location details before applying.