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All of our people work hard year-round to make Nabholz successful, and each year we ask managers to nominate employees who really stand out by showing true excellence in leadership and exemplifying Nabholz’ core value of integrity with their dedication and quality of work. This year, 12 outstanding Nabholz team members were recognized with the Excellence in Leadership Award. From this group, current CEO and future Chairman Bill Hannah selected the 2013 R.D. Nabholz “Hammer” Award winner–the one who truly shines as an exemplary leader through their actions, relationships with other employees, and overall role in the company.

We simply couldn’t end the year without bragging about these 12 special employees, so here they are. Congratulations to all of our winners!


2013 Excellence in Leadership Award Winners

Burt Browning, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerBurt Browning, Project Engineer
Construction – Conway, AR
5 years of service

Why Burt? Burt was asked to serve as Project Engineer on a challenging project hundreds of miles from home. Like so many dedicated Nabholz project team members, Burt was willing to serve on this team while his family remained in Conway, Arkansas. Burt consistently demonstrates outstanding leadership and is a top performer for this project. He continues to exhibit an incredible amount of dedication, character and a strong commitment to the company, unification, teamwork, customer service, effective management, loyalty, mentorship, extra effort, and continuous improvement.

Mel Cannon, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerMel Cannon, General Superintendent
Construction – Oklahoma City, OK
8 years of service

Why Mel? Mel probably puts in more hours than anyone we have. He typically is the first one here and the last to leave. …He loves what he does, he believes in Nabholz, and he is constantly trying to improve, save us money, and instill the same values in the younger folks.

Ed Clifton, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerEd Clifton, Project Manager
Industrial Services – Rogers, AR
18 years of service

Why Ed? He has worked tirelessly on learning to use the estimating and proposal software as well as our cost tracking methods. Ed is one of the most dedicated Nabholz employees in our organization.

Jim Grant, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winner
Jim Grant, Superintendent

Construction – Rogers, AR
7 years of service

Why Jim? Jim Grant has been THE BEST Superintendent on one of our jobs this past year! His team at phase 2 of FHS has done an unbelievable job with his leadership!

Brett King, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerBrett King, Manager
Service – Fort Smith, AR
2 years of service

Why Brett? Brett has taken a stagnant business group in a challenged market and worked very hard to re-invent Nabholz in Fort Smith. We have seen our service offering morph into customer focused services that have resulted in profitability, customer satisfaction and safe job performance by our team.

Cindy Moody, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerCindy Moody, Marketing Coordinator
Corporate Marketing – Conway, AR
10 years of service

Why Cindy? She is always willing to help anyone with anything they have going on. She gets pulled in so many different directions yet never complains and just tries to figure out how she can help people and provide good service. …She exemplifies what we want in our people for exceptional customer service and good character.

2013 R.D. Nabholz “Hammer” Award Winner

Marty Schmidt, 2013 R.D. Nabholz Hammer Award WinnerMarty Schmidt
General Superintendent
Construction – Rogers, AR
12 years of service

Why Marty? He is our ’go-to’ guy, a leader with a “can-do get-it-done” attitude. When asked, “Why Nabholz?” in an interview, Marty stood up…and said that “the reason you need to select Nabholz is because Nabholz has pride, pride in everything we do.” That also sums up Marty, a man with a lot of pride, and in today’s world where integrity and honesty are critical core values, Marty Schmidt displays these values at the highest level.

Gregg Scholtens, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerGregg Scholtens, Preconstruction Manager
Construction – Olathe, KS
4 years of service

Why Gregg? Gregg’s consistent demonstration of Nabholz ethics and values has been the primary catalyst for a unification turnaround in Kansas City. He has even risen to become a leader in the Kansas City construction marketplace, stepping up as President for the local chapter of the ASPE. Gregg is a Nabholz guy, and our future success here will rest heavily on his shoulders.

Adam Seiter, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerAdam Seiter, Senior Project Manager
Construction – Jonesboro, AR
16 years of service

Why Adam? Adam is one of the hardest working employees that I have ever been around. He works whatever hours of the day including weekends to get the job done. He handles multiple projects and is always willing when additional projects are added to him. Adam is always looking out for the best interest of Nabholz. He makes sure that everything is done with the utmost integrity. He is fair in dealing with subcontractors.

Scott Skidmore, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerScott Skidmore, EVP of Operations
Construction – Tulsa, OK
6 years of service

Why Scott? His tireless efforts in overseeing the Tulsa office have been impressive. He really cares about his team and works hard to make sure they are succeeding on their projects. He also commits a considerable amount of time to corporate initiatives which are critical to the overall growth and stability of Nabholz.

Will Smothers, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerWill Smothers, Senior Systems Manager
Information Technology – Conway, AR
3 years of service

Why Will? He hasn’t been here very long, but has been here 100%+ since his first day. He is motivated, dedicated, responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and always works toward finding a way to solve any problems.

Gary Strack, 2013 Nabholz Excellence in Leadership Award winnerGary Strack, Project Manager
Construction – Conway, AR
37 years of service (yep, you read that right–THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS!)

Why Gary? Gary is a long-term employee whose genuine care for the client and employees is top notch. He is always working to exceed customer expectations and has maintained a long list of satisfied clients that always request Gary for their next project.

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