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Ride Across Oklahoma Fundraiser For Southwest Medical Center

June 20th, 2012 - By

Saturday in Oklahoma, Nabholz Employees organized and participated in a charitable event for Southwest Medical Center which is located in Liberal, KS. The “Ride Across Oklahoma,” led by Nabholz employee Clint Malley and his team had participants bike across the Oklahoma panhandle to raise funds to benefit the hospital.

The total ride was approximately 49 miles and included 18 participants.  The riders included Nabholz employees from Oklahoma City, Tulsa, field staff and hospital staff including Michele Gillespie, COO of Southwest Medical Center. This is the fifth fundraiser the group, along with Fellowship Baptist Church in Liberal, KS, have held for the hospital.

“I am extremely proud of our team in Liberal, KS. This group was able to c

ome up with an idea that brought together our building team, the client, their employees, the communities and families of each. With this charitable event, we were able to raise money for the health needs in Seward County, while at the same time focusing on wellness for all participants and their families. This inaugural event was extremely successful. I envision Nabholz engaging in similar events with our employees and clients in the future,” said Chris Goldsby, Executive Vice President of Operations for Nabholz.

The ride was for participants of all ages and physical fitness levels and showed a variety of finishing times between 2 ½ and 6 ½ hours. Tracy Robinson of SWMC and Chris Goldsby made sure everyone stayed hydrated and in good shape by staffing the “Support and Gear Team.”

Michele Gillespie commented “I want to Thank you guys for sponsoring and organizing the event.  I had fun, I think everyone did.”… “Clint, you and Chris have given me inspiration to keep this up. So good job.”

Southwest Medical Center, located in Liberal, Kansas treated its first patient in 1964 and operates as a not-for-profit acute care facility. It is currently undergoing a renovation and expansion that is being built by Nabholz Construction Services.

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