University of Arkansas Adohi Hall

Nabholz constructed Adohi Hall, a brand new 202,027-square-foot, 708-bed sustainable residence hall and living-learning community at the University of Arkansas.

Notably, this is the nation’s first large-scale mass timber project of its kind, and the University choose to make this a pilot project that proves mass timber works and can greatly benefit Arkansas’s economy. To ensure this project was a success, Nabholz visited job sites across the country to learn about this material, developed a quality control program specific for mass timber, and trained a team of craft workers to be master installers of this product.

The significance of pioneering the use of an alternative material couldn’t overshadow the University’s ultimate goals — to create quality student housing on time and within the budget, while running a site that kept student safety a top priority. On all three of those counts, we’re proud to say we delivered what we promised to our clients.

Modus Studio of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Mackey Mitchell Associates of St. Louis, Missouri
McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc. of Fayetteville, Arkansas
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