Automotive Manufacturing Process Relocation

The Nabholz industrial team was contracted by one of our automotive industry clients to relocate their entire automotive manufacturing process from their current location to their new manufacturing facility in Murray, Kentucky. The project included relocating 16 machine tools and the associated process equipment.

Nabholz worked with local maintenance technicians to disconnect, disassemble, and load the entire production equipment process onto Nabholz transports destined for the new facility. Once arriving, our team of riggers, millwrights, and craftsmen unloaded all the machinery and set it to position based on the layout provided by the client. During the relocation process, our client’s production was at a halt, so minimizing downtime was crucial. The client provided Nabholz with a small window of time to accomplish these moves, and the Nabholz project management team devised a logistics plan to meet that schedule.

Additionally, the client had purchased several new machine tools and presses for the new location. Our team worked with the OEM technicians to also place, set, level, and align those production items. One key component was a pair of Kyori presses weighing 78,000 pounds each that came in lying down on a flatbed. These presses had to be unloaded, turned upright, and carried into the facility. Our team used one of our fleet’s Versa-Lift 100/140 specialized rigging lifts for the process. This lift can pick up and carry over 140,000 pounds and is the largest model made by Versa.

This project was like many of the projects Nabholz’ industrial team does: Moving equipment out of an operating plant and into a new space with a narrow window of time to work with. Want to collaborate on your next project? Learn more here.

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