Delta Peanut

The summer of 2019 brought the start of a landmark undertaking for Northeast Arkansas and for Nabholz as a company. We were contracted through Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing to facilitate the design-build process for two separate Delta Peanut sites. The first was a peanut buying point in Marianna, Arkansas, which consisted of eight buildings on the 30-acre site.

The second part of the project was much larger, requiring the construction of almost 400,000 square feet across 12 structures on the 80-acre buying point and shelling plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect when viewing the project is the overall size of everything. Each warehouse holds 15,000 tons of peanuts. The shelling plant is 135,000 square feet. The volume of equipment needed in each structure is massive in both quantity and scope. The complete campus allows the peanuts to arrive from the field to the site, then leave the site as a shelled, edible peanut in a railcar or tractor-trailer. This product flow was the center focus in site design and construction.

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