Minneapolis Metro Wheel Truing Machine Installation

Nabholz’ railroad and industrial teams recently completed the installation of a wheel truing machine for Metro Transit in Minneapolis. The addition of the new NSH USA-M2 milling machine weighing 47,000 lbs. enhances the reliability of train wheels which minimizes track damage, benefiting the passenger train network in the Twin City area. 

The project involved collaboration among multiple teams, including Nabholz’ riggers, millwrights, railroad service technicians, and electricians, from various locations. Central to the operation was the utilization of Nabholz’ Versa rigging lift.  

Nabholz’ teams first removed the existing wheel lathe to prepare the pit for construction activities. Then our railroad specialists and craft professionals utilized the Versa-Lift to off-load and set the equipment in place. After leveling, aligning, assembly, anchor, and grouting the equipment to the manufacturer’s guidelines craft professionals installed the new wheel lathe for Metro Transit. During the project, Nabholz’ Special Projects team performed substantial foundation improvements to prepare the pit for the installation of the new equipment. 

Nabholz’ teams were involved in demolitions, foundations, HVAC, drainage, rail bonding, installation and electrical interconnection efforts.  

This project was like many of the projects Nabholz’ rail team performs: Installing equipment to help improve train networks. Want to collaborate on your next project? Learn more here. 

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