Ledger Office Building & Parking Garage

Center City, LLC hired Nabholz to construct Ledger, the world’s first bikeable building, along with a nearby parking garage. Ledger is a 230,000-square-foot, six-story high-rise structure featuring a 3/8th-mile-long bike ramp that winds around the building from the ground to the sixth floor. The interior showcases a variety of artistic elements, such as mirrored ceilings, aluminum storefronts, custom millwork, and artwork by local artists. Nabholz also constructed an adjacent post-tension concrete parking deck, consisting of eight-level and 450 parking spaces.

This project required innovative solutions for constructing ramps that functioned simultaneously as sidewalks, roofs, and bike paths while also being weather resistant and matching the building’s aesthetic. While constructing the ramps, the Nabholz team installed a hydrotech waterproofing system under the ramps’ topping slabs, which provided watertightness to ensure the integrity of the building envelope.

Nabholz also worked closely with the client, specialty contractors, suppliers, and the designer on various aspects of the project. Close communication aided in efficient construction methods that prioritized safety and quality, allowing our team to successfully deliver Ledger and its parking deck to the client.

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