The Lost Kingdom Exhibit – Tulsa Zoo

The $14 million Lost Kingdom Exhibit was the first step in the Tulsa Zoo’s $150 million, 20-year master plan.

The design allows guests to roam through lush gardens and settings inspired by ancient Asian cultures. Covering nearly five acres, The Lost Kingdom provides industry-leading animal habitats and unique amenities to bring guests closer to the animals. The Snow Leopard Habitat and Tiger Exhibit feature a Tiger Bridge where visitors can safely observe a critically endangered tiger species as it crosses over the guest pathways. Other habitats include a Red Panda/Binturong Exhibit and Aviary, an outdoor Siamang Habitat and indoor Siamang Dayroom, as well as a Komodo Dragon Exhibition. The scope of work also included a 6,971-square-foot restaurant featuring views into the tiger exhibit.

This project required the use of unusual building materials, such as bulletproof glass and functional waterfall components. Our Nabholz team took special care working around the zoo’s existing animals, including quick elimination of construction debris, alternative working schedules, noise reduction efforts, elimination of stressors for the animals, and additional security for all exhibits.

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